Pop Art


A canvas manufacturing company, born during the Covid-19 era, instantly found success as people sought out artwork for their homes. Emerging in a highly competitive industry, it quickly caught the eye of customers worldwide. The challenge, however, was establishing a system that could regularly produce fresh, engaging designs across various countries. Despite the obstacles, the company’s mission was clear: to secure dominance in the global market, with its products adding artistic charm to homes all over the world.


Paid Advertising

We ran highly targeted Facebook ads that focused on the pain points of our target audience, such as the importance of not having a boring wall to create better improving living quality. Using our unique High Frequency Media Buying Strategy, we were able to scale the winning ads swiftly and kill the losers one.

User Generated Content

Using a fast creator network, we were able to improve our ad performance and social proof by leveraging creators worldwide posing as the fases of our brand.

Email & SMS

We used email marketing to nurture our leads and encourage them to make a purchase. Testing rigorously with multivariate methods, we are able to maximise open & click rates resulting in a ROI of 28 on our email spent.

The Future

Looking back on the tremendous growth of this canvas company, it’s undeniable that it has made a substantial impact in a brief period. The business has flourished exponentially, all due to the emphasis on premium products, ingenious marketing approaches, and an in-depth comprehension of the target consumers.

Even when confronted with formidable competition from long-standing brands, the company rapidly secured a strong position in the market and set itself apart as a leader in the canvas industry. Its market penetration was extraordinarily impressive, reaching clients across borders and continents.

The business’s expansion didn’t stop there, as it ventured into the creation of new products like cushions, mugs, and more. It also partnered with leading brands to leverage their prominence and further its reach.

At the end of the day, the company’s thriving status can be attributed to an unwavering commitment to quality and superiority. The business is appreciative of its customers’ support and the diligent efforts of its team. Now under new leadership, it has seen even greater success. The journey ahead is promising, and it is anticipated to continue its growth and evolution in the years to come.


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