Cap Brand


An online store that specializes in vintage caps with unique designs inspired by the fashion trends of the past. The brand brings a fresh perspective to the world of headwear by offering a curated selection of caps that are both stylish and functional. The passion for vintage fashion and commitment to quality has led us to create a collection that stands out in a highly competitive market. We had one target: to revive the 1920’s. 


Paid Advertising

To promote our products, we employed a highly targeted approach through Facebook Ads and Google Ads. Our goal was to connect with our audience and understand their needs and desires. By highlighting the importance of adding character and personality to one's wardrobe, we were able to strike a chord with our customers. Using our unique High Frequency Media Buying Strategy, we were able to scale the winning ads swiftly and kill the losers one. while still testing heavily.

User Generated Content

Using a fast creator network, we were able to improve our ad performance and social proof by leveraging creators worldwide posing as the fases of our brand.

Email & SMS

As a premier vintage cap brand for men, we believe in utilizing various marketing channels to reach our audience. That's why we also employed email and SMS marketing strategies to nurture our leads and encourage them to make a purchase. Overall, our email and SMS marketing strategies allowed us to connect with our audience and build strong relationships with our customers. By providing personalized content and effective messaging, we were able to drive sales and achieve a strong return on our investment.

The Future

The brand has been experiencing exponential growth since its inception, thanks to its loyal community of customers. Within less than a month of going to market for an exit, it has already been sold to new owners, and the future looks bright for this promising brand.

One of the main reasons for the brand’s rapid success is its ability to tap into a niche market that was underserved by larger brands. With a focus on vintage style caps, the brand has captured the attention of individuals who appreciate a classic aesthetic and quality craftsmanship. This unique positioning has resulted in a passionate following that is only growing larger by the day.

The brand’s success has also been fueled by its community-centric approach. The brand has fostered a sense of belonging among its customers, creating a loyal following that is eager to share their love for the brand with others. 

As the brand continues to grow, the brand is expanding its product line to meet the demands of its customers. The brand’s current offerings include a range of caps, including flat caps, baker boy hats, and newsboy caps. However, there are plans to expand into other accessories, such as scarves and gloves, to complement its existing product line.

In addition to expanding its product offerings, the brand is also looking to expand its reach. The brand is exploring partnerships with retailers to increase its visibility and bring its products to a wider audience. There are also plans to expand into international markets, with a particular focus on Europe, where there is a strong interest in vintage fashion.

In conclusion, the future of the brand is bright, with the brand growing faster than projected. Its unique positioning, community-centric approach, and expansion plans are all contributing to its continued success. As the brand continues to grow, it is sure to become a staple in the world of vintage fashion, with a loyal following that is passionate about the brand.


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