Emerging amidst the haircare industry’s giants, our beauty brand was met with intense rivalry, demanding innovative thinking to stand apart and entice new consumers. Our mission? To immerse the market with our groundbreaking hair electronics and inventive hair products. However, building a loyal customer base presented its own set of challenges. Our clientele was on the lookout for more than just hair solutions; they yearned for a holistic beauty experience. We turned this obstacle into an opportunity, striving to meet and exceed their expectations with every interaction. Simplifying the beauty routine, one product at a time, became our mantra.


Paid Advertising

We ran highly targeted Facebook ads that focused on the pain points of our target audience, such as the importance of not having a boring wall to create better improving living quality. Using our unique High Frequency Media Buying Strategy, we were able to scale the winning ads swiftly and kill the losers one.

User Generated Content

Using a fast creator network, we were able to improve our ad performance and social proof by leveraging creators worldwide posing as the fases of our brand.

Email & SMS

We used email marketing to nurture our leads and encourage them to make a purchase. Testing rigorously with multivariate methods, we are able to maximise open & click rates resulting in a ROI of 28 on our email spent.

The Future

Reflecting on our journey in the thriving beauty metropolis of Australia, it’s evident that our impact has been significant and swift. Our brand has skyrocketed, thanks to an unyielding commitment to superior products, pioneering marketing approaches, and an in-depth comprehension of our customers’ needs.

Even amidst the stiff competition from entrenched brands, we managed to carve out our niche swiftly, positioning ourselves as frontrunners in the haircare industry. Our market penetration was nothing less than exceptional, extending our reach across the country and beyond.

Now dominating the Google Platform, the pace of our growth has been accelerated by the introduction of new product lines under the savvy leadership of the new owner.

Ultimately, our brand’s rise is a tribute to our ceaseless dedication to quality and distinction. We express our gratitude for our customers’ support and our team’s tireless efforts. As we look to the future, we pledge to keep evolving, continuously reinventing the haircare experience and setting new industry standards.


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