Baby Clothing


A baby clothes brand from the US, Australia, and Canada was facing a tough fight from big names in the market. The challenge was to stand out and draw in new customers. The aim was to use the brand’s clothing to create a community feeling in certain cities across these countries.


Paid Advertising

We ran highly targeted Facebook ads that focused on the pain points of our target audience, such as the importance of not having a boring wall to create better improving living quality. Using our unique High Frequency Media Buying Strategy, we were able to scale the winning ads swiftly and kill the losers one.

User Generated Content

Using a fast creator network, we were able to improve our ad performance and social proof by leveraging creators worldwide posing as the fases of our brand.

Email & SMS

We used email marketing to nurture our leads and encourage them to make a purchase. Testing rigorously with multivariate methods, we are able to maximise open & click rates resulting in a ROI of 29 on our email spent.

The Future

Looking back at how far our baby clothes brand has come in cities across the US, Australia, and Canada, we’ve made a big splash in a short time. Our brand has grown quickly, thanks to great products, smart marketing, and really understanding our customers.

Even though we were up against big brands, we’ve been able to make a strong place for ourselves in the market and lead the way in baby clothes. We’ve reached customers not just in our cities but far beyond too.

In the end, our success shows our dedication to quality and doing things well. We’re thankful for the daily support from our customers and the hard work of our team. We’re excited to keep growing and reaching new markets in the years to come.


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